Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frank Sinatra - Softly, as I Leave You Sessions

Years of bootleging have taken a toll on me. I cannot look at The Beatles without imagining them in a studio playing the song. I have never imagined Frank Sinatra in studio.
Until now, apparently. This is the first Frank Sinatra bootleg I've ever heard, and it's amazing in so many aspects, like quality.
This contains full takes of songs recorded for the album (the other songs left out were made in the early 60's, not being made for the album.) All the songs are really long, as each take is placed together. Frank Sinatra seems like a perfectionist in this album.
There's also no cover art. But that's alright, it's Frank Sinatra's outtakes. It's a must-listen for Frank Sinatra fans, and for people who like the sound of the swingin' 60's. Really, it's a beautiful bootleg.
01. Softly, as I Leave You             12:43
02. Then Suddenly Love                8:25
03. Available                                 10:21
04. Pass Me By                             6:00
05. Emily                                       13:04
06. Somewhere In Your Heart       15:46
07. Anytime At All                         6:51
       Total Time:                                           01:13:10

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